Tuesday, 12 May 2015

6@6 – My first Blog!

It feels amazing to complete six years with Six Degrees PR. Also because I am the first employee to
do so, and I love to show this off! :)
After working for one year at Turner Broadcasting - Corporate Communications, I had joined Six Degrees to learn how a PR agency functions and to get agency experience without any further plans. I feel I was extremely lucky to join a start-up with amazing people like Rishi & Zach, where I could see how a 3-4 members’ team grew to 50+ people today! It had been an incredible journey while learning things from the scratch.
On my first day at Six Degrees, I was just reading the office policies’ documents and seeing how many leaves will I get in the year, am I supposed to wear formals everyday etc. etc., Not just this, I was trying to understand my first client Hughes and was scrolling through its website and the DCR – which all looked French! Coming from Turner and working on channels like Cartoon Network, Pogo & CNN; Satellite – Broadband – VSAT – all looked like another world. This happened for a week and I was finding it very boring, but then you don’t develop interest and start understanding things of a different sector in one day!

After a week, I went for my first client meeting with Rishi & Supriya! Four engineers (as I remember) at Hughes took us through their business verticals and all I did in the meeting was to take copius notes – without understanding a bit! After coming back from the meeting and after being asked by
Rishi if I understood the client business – I had to be honest!

Rishi then explained us in simple terms and everything seemed clear! This is the first thing I loved about Six Degrees. If you get great guidance and have great people around – things become easy and interesting.

Six Degrees and the clients I have worked with in the last six years – have given me chance to grow as a professional! Some extremely professional clients and some those – who have made us more patient in life ;-)

Another thing I loved (and still love) about Six Degrees is transparency. Each and employee is encouraged to talk and convey issues – so that these can be resolved. I believe if you get good environment to work in, great people around, no politics (I haven’t seen that), good clients, accessible leadership team – you know you are at the right place!

Moreover, I have been really glad to have a rocking team and super cool bosses Sid and Karan. Six Degrees has also given me some of my lifetime friends like Deepika Mehrishi, Manveet and Sayanti!
Last, but not the least, Amazing Off-sites, Bunker meets, Office parties – have made this journey more memorable! (p.s. It isn’t my sign-off letter ;)

Thank you Six Degrees!
- Vilsha Kapoor


  1. Awesome blog post Vilsha, loved it! :)

  2. Very nicely written. Appreciate you mentioning me in your post!